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Bio Support

Bio Support

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Insulin Support System is an advanced maximum potency Insulin Support System which helps prevent the storage of bodyfat during “high carb/sugar" meals. Prevents insulin spikes which can lead to fat storage, as well as unwanted energy highs and lows.

Supports Healthy Insulin Levels
Maintains even insulin levels which prevents the storage of glucose into adipose tissue (fat cells). By mimicking insulin at the time of high-carb meals, the glucose is redirected into muscle cells; once there, it is slowly released as an energy source. 

Increases Nutrient Uptake
The mimicking of insulin helps transport important key nutrients into the muscle cells, allowing for a more complete utilization of nutrients, and enhancing the recovery process.

High Potency Antioxidant
R-ALA (the most potent form of alpha lipoic acid) is also an extremely potent anti-oxidant, which maintains cell integrity, and allows for more complete recovery between workouts.

Prevents Fat Storage
Directs your "carbs" into a better place for utilization, thus preventing the storage of body fat.

Take with “High Carb” Meals
Whether it's complex or fast acting carbs, alcohol or the like, bioSUPPORT will transport the resulting glucose away from fat cells and into muscle cells. bioSUPPORT is an invaluable tool for maintaining a lean physique, even if you cheat from time to time.

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